About JWSA

Jack Warnock is an M&A pro and a consigliere to CEOs who are growing or exiting their businesses. He will ensure that the outcome is optimal, the best value is achieved, and the transition is smooth, all while you and your team continue to effectively do your day job. Jack is a trusted resource with proven knowledge about how companies work; how ownership changes; how to buy businesses; how companies are sold; and how owners win.

Professional Experience:

  • Co-founder/Officer at JW Strategic Advisors, McIsaac Risk Solutions and Safeguard Scientifics
    (Bridge Tech Partners)
  • Board of Directors at:
    C.W. Thomas, Acceleration Systems, World Affairs Council and Augustinian Development Council
  • Investor at Dellin USA LLC
  • Investment Banker/M&A Advisor at W.H. Newbold’s
  • Office Managing Partner/Leader at Tatum – Philadelphia
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Officer at Verizon (Bell Atlantic)
  • CPA/M&A Advisor at Arthur Andersen
  • CFO/Corporate Development at FTP Software, Thinking Machines and Towers Perrin Administration Solutions