The Buyside CEO: Grabbing for Growth

Who is the Buyside CEO?

  • No where near ready to exit.
  • Hungry for growth; ready to execute.
  • Sees precise target opportunities.
  • Knows the risks; wants the rewards.
  • Has the resources; uses them wisely.

How do you “Find Them, Grind Them and Mind Them”?

  • Get a trusted and experienced “lead dog” to run the program – not you.
  • Let your lead advisor build the right deal team.
  • Know who your company is; define who your targets are.
  • Identify; Prospect; Meet; Greet; and Evaluate.
  • Play offense – Good deal economics, right structure, balanced terms.
  • Play defense – Thorough due diligence, managed risks, focused negotiations.
  • Drive to closing; Cue the people – yours together with theirs.
  • All hands on integration – finance, operations, governance and risk management.