1. I already have a lawyer, an accountant, a tax pro and a banker. So why do I need you?
    You need an M&A advisor who works like a buyer and knows the numerous business questions, potential “traps”, and fearful outcomes requiring quick (but careful) thinking, deep discussion and clear decision making.
  2. I want to know why will the money we spend on you be worth it?
    First, whether you have or have not been through an acquisition or exit, you will benefit from my holistic and disciplined approach to your deal from due diligence to offer to agreements to close. Second, you want to ensure that this is the best deal, all things considered. You get precisely that because of my deep M&A, financing and management knowledge. Having been through this phase multiple times in differing situations, I bring insight and clarity that you will need. Third, my primary attention is on you and your team, because your needs, issues and outcomes do not necessarily mirror those of others around you.
  3. What risks am I exposed to by not adding you to my team?
    Well, here are some (but not all) of the risks to which I believe you will be exposed:
    First, if your exit goals are different from those of your team and/or your investors, your deal could die. No kidding; it has happened too often. I recommend that you create and agree to an exit strategy and plan; then execute on it.
    Second, reacting to a lone buyer and not creating a competition for your company could result in a poor pricing result, terribly tough terms, or perhaps no deal at all. I recommend that you “Be Prepared” – Align everyone; Prepare for sale; Work the market; Engage the buyers; Negotiate firmly and fairly; and Drive to closing.Third, if you are not open, transparent and inclusive with your team, you could alienate them at best and lose them at worst. I recommend that you manage your team as you always have: Prepare; Talk; Listen; Empathize.

    Fourth, you “drain your tank” physically, mentally and emotionally by forgetting to do your “day job” and spending too much precious energy on the deal. That by allowing the operating results to slip, your hard-earned value slips with it. I recommend that you do what you do best – work with your team; run your company; trust your deal team.