Exit Advice from “Exits – Traps and Triumphs” CEOs

Well, the CEO panelists for “Exits – Traps and Triumphs” at Drexel did not disappoint the audience one bit.  Jean Anne Booth, Founder and CEO of UnaliWear, Paul Litwack, CEO of Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, Gerie DiPiano, Chairman, President and CEO of FemmePharma Healthcare, and Lars Bjork, former Founder and CEO of Qlik Technologies each came with […]

Buying In – Cybersecurity Risk and Due Diligence

Cybersecurity issues are deal breakers. In a recent survey on software mergers and acquisitions conducted by West Monroe Partners, more than half of the respondents surveyed reported discovering a cybersecurity problem after deal closing. Cybersecurity issues were the second-most common reason that deals were killed, and the second-most common reason buyers and investors regretted doing […]

What Worries CEOs When They Exit

Whenever I speak to CEOs I usually get the impression that they totally have their act together and do not experience fear, worry or regret when running their companies and leading their teams.  And I guess that for the most part, that is true because in their predominant domain as the leader of their business, […]

Cyber Security Summits – Great Content; Deep Learning; Excellent Connections

I have had the good fortune this spring to feed my addictive interest in cyber security by attending several high quality conferences full of great content, deep learning and excellent connections.  The first one this year was the Financial Times Cyber Security Summit in Washington.  I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Financial Times […]