Cyber Security Before, During and After Your Sale – Part I

The crazy, convoluted and confusing process that is your exit transaction is made more so today by the awareness and inclusion of cyber security risks, due diligence and integration issues and impacts.  Size does not matter at all when it comes to cyber security.  Because you use a computer, a smartphone, a network and other electronic resources, you have such concerns.  Start down the path of selling your business, and the bright lights of interest and attention to cyber issues and impacts go on full power.  As always, well thought out and executed preparation is key.

I draw your attention to a very good article on cyber security in M&A done by the professionals at FireEye.  Unsealing the Deal: Cyber Threats to Mergers and Acquisitions Persist in a Hot Market  Please go to this link and read it attentively.  I will be sharing more good pieces like this to help you have a great exit.

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Jack Warnock is an M&A pro and a consigliere to CEOs who are exiting their businesses. He will ensure that the outcome is optimal, the best value is achieved, and the transition is smooth, all while you and your team continue to effectively do your day job. Jack is a trusted resource with proven knowledge about how companies work; how ownership changes; how to buy businesses; how companies are sold; and how owners win.

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